No matter what mechanical problem you face, give me a chance to guide you through a stress free Outdoor Power Equipment Repair process.

Buckeye Mower doesn’t just do lawn mowers and snow blowers. If it has an engine, I have you covered. If your chainsaw, leaf blower, string trimmer or some other hand held equipment is giving you fits then look no further than my Outdoor Power Equipment Repair.

I can accurately diagnose your small engine within a matter of minutes and we then can make a collaborative decision if it’s economical to repair. I see time and time again dealership prices are so high that it costs more to repair your machine than it would to replace it. My prices are right which takes the headache out of feeling forced to purchase new from a dealer. I mean, your already there, why not sell you a new one?

Bad gasoline is the #1 killer of small engines. You can help keep your outdoor power equipment repair to a minimum buy using quality gasoline such as TruFuel and running your equipment regularly.

I am a certified Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment repair technician and have been to many training schools. I commonly work on other brands as well such as Troy BiltEcho and Craftsman. I repair all equipment on site which eliminates the need for you to find a spot to haul it in your car. Another difference between my company and a dealership; you won’t have to wait 3 weeks to get it back. Generally I should have you up and running again in no time without costing a fortune or requiring you to purchase a new piece of outdoor power equipment.

I take pride in giving you the benefits of a large scale repair shop with my knowledge and skill but not loosing the hometown feel.